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  • Without hesitation, you should be able to receive a list of at least 50 names or more. If they cannot provide you with a list of names or make excuses, this should be a huge red flag.
  • You should definitely talk to at least five people randomly from the list. You could also arrange a meeting at one of the homes to meet the customer and to see the finished product. You will be able to get a good feel about their experience with how they talk and act..
  • This is a great source of information, because suppliers who’ve been cheated by a pool builder will be more than happy to tell you about it. Even more importantly, if the pool builder doesn’t pay the suppliers’ bills, then the homeowner may get stuck paying it again.
  • The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) both demand ethical business practices from all their members. The fees to join are by no means burdensome, so there’s no reason for a bona fide, ethical-minded pool builder not to join.
  • The APSP writes the construction standards for the pool industry, and its members commit to the adherence of those standards. If a pool builder is not a member of both the BBB and the APSP, that should be a clear warning to look somewhere else.
  • This is another good question to help weed out the inexperienced, inept or blatantly dishonest pool builders. Today’s pools are substantially more sophisticated than they were 20 years ago. New features like “puddle pools”, “negative edges”, “in-floor cleaning systems”, “grottos”, “weeping walls” and countless others that take experience and engineering know-how.
  • There are stunningly beautiful, but can be very expensive and disappointing disasters if built by someone with insufficient experience.
  • Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of the pool builder’s clients that have the special features you’re considering. Call them and ask if the features work as promised, and if they had any trouble with dealing with the builder. A professional pool builder will be more than willing to give you all the names you want or need.

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