“So I just have to tell you guys a quick version of my story as we are SOOOO EXCITED! I know this is silly but I am telling you anyways. My goal for 2017 was to pay cash for a pool. I have been wanting it for years. I am a 100% single mom to 3 boys (their dad is no longer alive) – so you can imagine how big of an accomplishment this is. You all have helped me make this dream come true and I am beyond proud and I cannot begin to tell you how excited my kids are. Thank you so so so much from all of us for making this happen and SO QUICKLY! There were no surprise costs on your end, no surprises period and you were all amazing to work with. I just wanted to give you a little glimpse into the personal side as you probably don’t hear that part often.

So thank you to all of you and I will be referring EVERYONE I know, both professionally and personally to all of you at Anasazi.”